EmanciCare LLC is a diversified healthcare holding company operating various business units including home health, medical transportation, verification services, medical supplies, medical staffing and senior living.

EmanciCare is a premier provider of healthcare services covering the spectrum of consumer needs. EmanciCare’s name is derived with meaningful reference to the word “Emancipate,” which means to liberate. Our mission is to liberate individuals and families from physical health, mental health and emotional health limitations that may be preventing them from maintaining their existing lifestyle in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home.

EmanciCare’s business platform has been designed to cover the spectrum of the consumers needs. In other words, EmanciCare provides total home healthcare services. EmanciCare has accomplished this by offering both proprietary services, contracted services and developing a network of qualified referral sources. EmanciCare differentiates itself to consumers and referral sources through this comprehensive coverage and utilizes this comprehensive program to provide a balanced approach to lifestyle support.

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