Match and Dispatch

EmanciCare unique Match and Dispatch program has been widely recognized as a game changer for the home healthcare industry. EmanciCare’s approach is to staff consumer cases right the first time and to provide stable continuity of care. EmanciCare only selects the very best applicants to be amongst the pool of Caregivers. Thorough and consistent background checks are performed on all employees as well as ongoing training and development. If a Caregiver can pass the rigorous background screening and training, they will then be eligible for EmanciCare’s Match and Dispatch program.

A brief sample of profiling questions have been provided below

  • Where will the home care take place?
  • Who is the primary contact person?
  • Who is the emergency contact person?
  • Is anyone else living in the household?
  • Are there any pets and will they also need care?
  • Who are the client’s medical professionals?
  • What is the client’s height, weight and date of birth?
  • What is the physical status of the client?
  • What is the mental status of the client?
  • Is the client on special medications?
  • Is the client ambulatory?
  • Is the client continent?
  • What specific duties does the aide need to perform (e.g., personal care, meal preparation, light housekeeping,
    laundry, transportation, companionship)?
  • What are the anticipated times this service will be needed?
  • How many days per week and hours per day?
  • Will live-in service be required?
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